TEECC Members are bringing child care issues affecting Toronto east end families to the forefront of media and political discussions.

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City News: Advocacy group calls on the province to rethink how it invests in child care

Global News: Councillors sign Valentine Pledge to Toronto families in support of affordable child care

Radio-Canada (French): Des parents torontois demandent à la Ville de réinstaurer la subvention aux garderies en milieu scolaire

Radio-Canada (French): Toronto subventionnera les garderies scolaires en 2017, mais demande à l’Ontario de faire plus


January 2017



December 2016

CBC News Metro MorningEast end parents fed up with 'hugely stressful' hunt for child care

Radio-Canada (French): Toronto a les frais de garde les plus élevés au Canada

Toronto Star: Build a national child care system: Editorial

Toronto Star: Daycare fees in Toronto jump 15 per cent in two years, survey finds


Earlier 2016

Toronto Star: Ontario parents welcome new focus on daycare

Toronto Star: Ontario bans ‘unfair’ wait-list fees for daycare spots

Toronto Star: Ending child-care wait-list fees is a break for parents: Editorial

Toronto Star: Parents urge province to ban daycare wait list fees

Toronto Star: Desperate parents pray for federal action amid daycare ‘anarchy’